Track Your Shipment

To track mulple shipment, enter shipment numbers

Track up to 10 members at a time. Separate with a comma(,) or return (enter).

More tracking Options


User guide


1. Shipper account number: To charge the shipment to your ABC account, enter your account number here.

2. Sender's information: write your company name, contact name and department and complete address including postcode,A telephone/fax number or e-mail address is required.

3. Receiver's information: Fill in the name(or individual) name complete address including postcode country and contact person's name. A telephone/fax number or e-mail address is required.
Note: ABC cannot deliver to a P.O.Box number.

4.-7. Service and Special service: Tick the box next to the services and special service you require.If 'Other' is selected, please specfy the requied service in the space provided. Check with ABC customer services for service a vailability.

5. Special delivery instruction: Special delivery information(fill in need).

6. Goods descriptions(full description of contents): Give an exact description of the contents and quantities.Fill in the number of pieces in your shipment,the total weight rounder up to the nearest 1/2 kilo,and size of each piece in cm(length x width x height).

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